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Ernest Marza has been a part of the Bolen Books family since 1985. His love of all things Art Nouveau inspired the Bolen Books logo, and he is the artist behind most of the oil paintings you see throughout the store, many of which feature his dear friend and Bolen Books founder, Mel Bolen.

Ernest passed away 4/19/19 at his home in Victoria BC. He was 95 years old.
Ernest at home in his Art Nouveau oasis

Jennifer Pankratz is a local Victoria artist and graphic designer who originated in Saskatchewan, where her artistic journey began. Over the last 13 years, she has been refining her craft and is constantly evolving her unique style of vivid colours and strong black lines. Using a style that draws inspiration from graphic art and organic subject matter, Pankratz has put herself into a niche all in its own and stands as a strong, independent artist. Her style can be described as flexible; incorporating illustrating, painting techniques and graphic esign to develop the greatest impact in every piece she creates.

Check out her window art year round at Bolen Books, where she uses her art to display the vivid emotion and joy that books bring into peoples’ lives.